Cold case murder reaches 10 year anniversary

Truman Stanley
Truman Stanley

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - It's been ten years now and still no justice for a murdered Ashland man. Investigators say all of their leads have dried up. Now they're hoping someone can help them solves the case.

Police say Truman Stanley used to loan money out of his home in Ashland. Detectives say he developed a reputation for having cash inside his home and they suspect someone killed him looking for that money.

Sheila Smith has spent the last decade wondering who killed her father.

"It's really just unbelievable that it's been ten years," Smith said. "It's still unsolved."

Friday she let go of a balloon to mark the tenth anniversary of his death. She still hasn't let go of her hope for justice.

"I see that in my mind every day," she said. "It just replays all the time and I just don't know why someone would have done this to him."

Police say Stanley was stabbed several times and was found dead inside his home by his neighbor. Investigators say the house was ransacked.

Matt Hileman is the lead detective on the case. Hileman says he's had a few tips in recent years, but still no luck.

"We went back over everything we could think," Hileman said. "(We've had) some fresh eyes look at it and we ran down a few new leads but nothing that turned out to be fruitful."

He fears Stanley's generosity and willingness to help others may have cost him his life.

Ashland Police have brought in detectives from other police departments, interviewed people in other states and even given polygraph tests to persons of interest. None of that has led to a suspect.

Now they're hoping someone can provide a spark to reignite this investigation.

"I don't care if they're sitting at home playing living room detective, if they have an idea, call me," Hileman said. "No piece of information is too small."

Smith hopes one day she'll be able to confront her father's killer, but she knows time is not on her side.

"I'm hoping and praying every day," Smith said. "But as time goes on I just don't know."

Ashland Police say this is one of only three cold cases that are still unresolved.

Police say they never close cold case murders unless they're solved. If you have anything that could help police, you can call the lead detective at 412-0625.

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