NBC12 Investigates: Ticket Troubles

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – An update tonight to a 12 On Your Side investigation into a speeding ticket mix up. You may remember we told you about a Chesterfield couple- getting numerous speeding tickets in the mail from the District of Columbia for a car they do not own. It turns out they had the same license plate number as someone else. While investigating their problem, 12 On Your Side has learned ticket mishaps in DC are more common than you think.

Since our story first aired we've been contacted by others in greater Richmond who say they got tickets from DC meant for someone else. Our NBC affiliate- in Washington- spent months looking into this issue. Tonight we share what was uncovered- and what you can do about it.

They write them- you pay them- but what do you if the ticket wasn't meant for you? Jac Harker loves to ride his bike around Fairfax County.

"This motorcycle has never been in the District of Columbia in its life," said Harker.

But that hasn't stopped the DC government from sending him three parking tickets for a truck and two Honda sedans. His personalized tag is somehow linked to vehicles he does not own.

Same thing for Jake Waley in Waldorf, Maryland. He says he rarely drives his van to the district.

"It's a white van," he showed us, which makes him wonder why the tickets he got belong to a UPS truck.

"There are, in fact, errors that are made during the ticket writing process," said Lucinda Baber, Director of the DC Department of Motor Vehicles.

Babers says she understands the frustration, but points out the whole adjudication process exists because ticket writers make mistakes.

"And it is your responsibility to provide evidence," she said.

Meaning, even if it's not your fault you can't ignore the ticket, you have to prove it's not your vehicle by providing DMV your registration. If you ignore the ticket- after 120 days DC DMV will send it to a collection agency. The DC- DMV says it has no idea how many times tickets are sent to the wrong person. There's no way to red flag people in the system.

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