Charlottesville returning to normal after Huguely conviction

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Charlottesville is starting to return to normal after the nearly three week murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player, George Huguely.

Last night, Huguely left court in the pouring rain after learning his fate. A 26 year recommended prison sentence for second degree murder and grand larceny.

Some people in Charlottesville are happy to see all the media go away, while others said they've enjoyed watching what they call a media circus. As for Huguely's conviction, some said it was justified others said he deserved more prison time.

Disappointment for Buck Dorman. He doesn't think Huguely got what he deserved for killing his on-off again girlfriend, Yeardley Love in what prosecutors characterized as a drunken jealous rage.

Dorman believes 40 years would have been more appropriate.

"I think he should get more time. I watched both those kids play lacrosse and both of them were excellent; two weeks from graduation. Their lives ahead of them. Stupid, stupid, stupid stuff," said Dorman.

Bronwin Foulkes questions UVA's role.

"When they said he's a stupid drunk and all that, I do think athletes sometimes get that name and it does bring it down to the university because it's almost like, what are they doing to prevent things like that from happening," said Foulkes.

But Dorman doesn't believe the university or Charlottesville should be cast in a bad light.

"That's not Charlottesville. That is definitely not UVA. It's not a spoiled kid's school. It's kids who work hard, who play hard and do their damndest every day," said Dorman.

Less than 24 hours after what seemed like a never ending trial, media outlets started clearing the sidewalks around courthouse square.

A welcome sight for Foulkes.

"We can't even walk the dog on the sidewalks," said Foulkes.

For Dorman, it wasn't an inconvenience, it was intriguing.

"This is sightseeing for me. It's like going to the zoo," said Dorman.

A formal sentencing date could be set in mid-April. Should there be an appeal, it won't happen until after formal sentencing.

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