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Woman honored for helping animals

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) – It may look like an episode of Animal Planet's Wild Kingdom, but it's just your typical treat time at Lori and James Priest New Kent County home. The refuge they call New Hope Rescue. 

"Everybody here is a rescue. We started New Hope as a nonprofit about 5 or 6 years ago," said Lori. "I always say everybody's adoptable, it's just got to be the right home. We have everything from the horses, to the goats. We have a sheep. We have a llama." 

A very likeable llama named Harley. There're a pair pigs: Alister and Alouiscious, a once neglected, majestic McCaw named Miguel; he was pretty quiet. But the biggest bunch are mostly dogs. There are many different breeds, and so many sizes. 

"The animals do not fight, that's the craziest thing. It's like harmony there," she said. 

Lori lovingly refers to each pet by name and knows each animal's sad story. "There are many, many cruelty cases, unfortunately," Lori said. Some were abused, others neglected.  

"I got a little dog in the house lived 12 years in a crate, 100% of the time, when he got out, he could only walk in circles. It's all he'd ever done," she explained. 

Here sad stories, find happy endings. 

"Couple of weeks ago friend of mine found a mama hound dog on the interstate...skin and bones, but pregnant out to here. She had puppies. She's doing really, really well. I got people lined up for some puppies," Lori said.  

"She is one of the most loving and caring people that you will ever meet," said Lora Blanton. Lora became a frequent visitor to New Hope Rescue. 

"I'll stop by sometimes and bring the animals treats," she said. 

Today she's taking some seed and feed money. "$300. More hope for new hope." 

We follow Lora back out to the farm. The canine greeting committee gives us a proper welcome.  

Lora is eager to pay it forward. 

LORA: "I wanted to let you know that people do appreciate you. I for one do appreciate you. To help you with your vet bills or your food bills or whatever, there is $300 that Sabrina has given me to deliver to you."
LORI: "Oh Sabrina. Thank you so much." 

Thanks to Lora for nominating New Hope Rescue. 

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much. This means so much to us you just don't know. $300 is two weeks of hay for all the animals out here, almost a month of feed for the horses and the livestock," Lori stated. 

Every dollar helps once abandoned abused animals enjoy their new great adventure. 

"It's always been about rescuing animals, that's what we do," said Lori.  

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