Series of suspicious fires in Caroline County

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) - There has been a string of suspicious fires in Caroline County. The Sheriff's Office confirms it's investigating, but some people are still on edge.

Patrick Wentt was in Jamaica, trying to get away from the Virginia winter, when he got the phone call.

"When I saw the pictures. It looked terrible because everything was black," he said.

Someone had set his door mat on fire.

Wentt has been able to clean off much of the soot left by the fire. He hasn't been able to get rid of the charred outline showing where the mat used to be. He says he knows this seemingly minor fire could have been much worse.

"I was not there," Wentt said. "If my mat had not been rubber, my whole house could have gone up in flames."

He says someone also lit his mail on fire and threw it into his mailbox.

Caroline County Sheriff's deputies say they're investigating several other cases just like this. Investigators won't say how many homes have been hit or which neighborhoods have been targeted.

Wentt says he knows some of his neighbors in the Lake Land 'Or neighborhood have also been victimized.

"I wouldn't want to see my neighbor's home being consumed by fire because of some, as they seem to think, childish prank," Wentt said.

Lake Land' Or is not your typical neighborhood in Caroline County. There is private security and a gate at the entrance of the neighborhood. Wentt thinks it may be someone that lives in his community who may be doing this.

"I retired and came down here looking for peace and quiet," he said. "I thought I was moving into a very peaceful community and this it he last thing I expected to happen."

Vandalizing a mailbox is a federal crime. It can lead to a fine and even jail time.

If you have any information about these fires, you're asked to call the Caroline County Sheriff's Office at 633-5400.

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