Ultrasound bill vote delayed, conscience clause bill passes

At the General Assembly today, one piece of controversial legislation passed, while another got passed by.

A bill requiring women to receive an ultrasound prior to an abortion will go before the House again tomorrow, after being deferred today for the second time in a row.

Also today, the Senate approved a bill allowing private adoption agencies to deny placements that conflict with their religious or moral beliefs, including opposition to homosexuality.

The measure was passed by the Senate by a 22-18 margin. The bill has already passed the house and now goes to the Governor, who has indicated he will sign it.

North Dakota is the only other state with such a law. Two Democrats joined all 20 Senate Republicans in voting for the so-called "conscience clause" legislation.

Proponents say the measure protects the religious rights of agencies that contract with the state to provide child placement services. Opponents say the state should not sanction discrimination.

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