VDOT crews ready for overnight black ice

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- VDOT crews are ready to go out and battle the black ice that is forming, thanks to all the snow that melted on Monday.

Just after nightfall on Monday, VDOT trucks started to line up -- ready to go at a moments notice. 24 hours after dealing with the snow - it's the icy after effects that have crews and other people like Henry Battle gearing up.

"That's what we've been doing with the snow, battling it," said Henry Battle.

But for now, the ice wins this battle. "Not going outside! I'm in now, going to watch some TV and just stay in."

Martha Morehouse is thinking along the same lines. "We are going home! That's it."

We were able to get a look at how things were around 4:30 Monday afternoon. That's when the roads were wet, some snow still sticking to the back roads.

A few hours later as darkness settled in, the puddles here quickly becoming slippery and shiny. That's where a bunch of ice is starting to form. Then, another big problem... one you can barely see: black ice!

"I'm trying to stay away from it! I've never had the privilege to be in black ice, I've just heard about it," said Henry.

VDOT crews know some people do have to travel. So, it's closely monitoring the temperatures of the roads. Once it hits 32 degrees -- crews will start putting sand and salt on the icy spots, especially in the neighborhoods, on bridges and on ramps.

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