What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Bracketology

There's always so much debate on Selection Sunday from all of us viewers, which usually involves lots of yelling at the television and expletives thrown at the selection committee.

So I wanted to see how tough it was to get the 68 teams together.  It's certainly not easy - but I gave it a shot.

And I have VCU, just barely missing out.

EAST Bracket (Boston)

Pittsburgh Pod
1. Syracuse
16. Stony Brook/16. Miss. Valley State
8. Vanderbilt
9. Southern Miss

Albuquerque Pod
5. Gonzaga
12. Northwestern/12. Washington
4. Baylor
13. Drexel

Nashville Pod
6. Notre Dame
11. Alabama
3. Florida State
14. Davidson

Greensboro Pod
7. Creighton
10. Xavier
2. North Carolina
15. Valparaiso


Columbus Pod
1. Duke
16.  LIU Brooklyn
8. Saint Louis
9. Cincinnati

Portland Pod
5. Michigan
12. Seton Hall
4. Wichita State
13. Miami/13. Arizona

Pittsburgh Pod
6. San Diego State
11. Memphis
3. Georgetown
14. Iona

Omaha Pod
7. St. Mary's
10. Iowa State
2. Michigan State
15. Bucknell

SOUTH (Atlanta)

Louisville Pod
1. Kentucky
16. Texas Arlington/16. Savannah State
8. Kansas State
9. Harvard

Portland Pod
5. Indiana
12. Long Beach State
13. Akron

Albuquerque Pod
6. Virginia
11. BYU
3. Marquette
14. Nevada

Greensboro Pod
7. Temple
10. Purdue
2. Kansas
15. Weber State

MIDWEST (St. Louis)
Omaha Pod
1. Missouri
16. UNC-Asheville
8. California
9. Mississippi State

Nashville Pod
5. Louisville
12. UCF
4. Florida
13. Oral Roberts

Columbus Pod
6. Murray State
11. Connecticut
14. Middle Tennessee State

Louisville Pod
7. New Mexico
10. West Virginia
2. Ohio State
15. Belmont

Last Four In: Northwestern, Miami, Washington, Arizona

First Four Out: North Carolina State, VCU, Texas, South Florida

NBC12's Gene Petriello did his own, and here are his selections (in a little different format):

1-Syracuse v. 16-Mississippi Valley St/Savannah St (Pitt)
8-Iowa State v. 9-Southern Mississippi (Pitt)
4-Florida State v. 13-Iona (Albuquerque)
5-UNLV v. 12-Northwestern/Xavier (Albuquerque)
3-Florida v. 14-Davidson (Nashville)
6-Murray State v. 11-Arizona (Nashville)
2-Michigan State v. 15-Weber St (Columbus)
7-Temple v. 10-West Virginia (Columbus)

SOUTH Regional (Atlanta):
1-Kentucky v. 16-LIU Brooklyn (Louisville)
8-Purdue v. 9-Kansas State (Louisville)
4-Baylor v. 13-Nevada (Portland)
5-Notre Dame v. 12-Alabama (Portland)
3-Wisconsin v. 14-Valparaiso (Columbus)
6-New Mexico v. 11-Oregon (Columbus)
2-Georgetown v. 15-UNC Asheville (Pitt)
7-Wichita State v. 10-Harvard (Pitt)

MIDWEST Regional (St. Louis):
1-Missouri v. 16-Long Beach State (Omaha)
8-Virginia v. 9-Gonzaga (Omaha)
4-Michigan v. 13-Oral Roberts (Albuquerque)
5-Vanderbilt v. 12-Cincinnati (Albuquerque)
3-Marquette v. 14-Middle Tennessee State (Louisville)
6-Mississippi State v. 11-BYU (Louisville)
2-Duke v. 15-Bucknell (Greensboro)
7-Indiana v. 10-UCONN (Greensboro)

WEST Regional (Phoenix):
1-Kansas v. 16-Stony Brook/Belmont (Omaha)
8-St. Mary's v. 9-Washington (Omaha)
4-Louisville v. 13-George Mason (Portland)
5-Creighton v. 12-Memphis (Portland)
3-Ohio State v. 14-UT Arlington (Nashville)
6-San Diego St v. 11-Texas/Seton Hall (Nashville)
2-UNC v. 15-Akron (Greensboro)
7-California v. 10-St. Louis (Greensboro)
LAST 4 IN: Texas, Oregon, Northwestern, Xavier
First 4 OUT: Miami (FL), VCU, South Florida, South Dakota State

We're going to keep updating these each week - so keep checking in!

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