Most roads are back to normal after snowstorm

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Drivers should have little problem getting through main roads in Central Virginia this afternoon.

The sunshine and climbing temperatures are helping quite a bit with the clean up. VDOT staff continue to make sure all secondary roads are clear.

Some never dreamed they would be shoveling today.

"I've been telling people the whole time we weren't going to get anything," said Adam Mitchell.

Sunday's storm pales in comparison to what the area saw a couple years ago, but the roughly four inches of snow was still more than VDOT Supervisor Joe Walta expected.

He prepared his fleet Thursday and says his crews were a bit under prepared for what Mother Nature delivered.

"It came in as a rain and straight to the snow and we didn't get everything on in time," Walta added. "We had to act fast. I think we did a good job getting the roads open."

His crews had to add plows to additional trucks as they cleared main roads, interstates, overpasses and bridges overnight.

By the time the sun came up the snow turned into slush on the roads, which helped crews clear them quicker.

The wintry mix wasn't the only setback for drivers. Fallen trees blocked many streets, including Reams Road in Chesterfield. Snow weighed down branches causing them to snap.

"I didn't expect that," Walta noted. "Usually, we see it if we get a lot of wind or snow on top but we didn't see a lot of that."

Crews continue to make sure all the roads are safe and Mitchell  hopes this will be the last time he'll have to clear the little bit of snow left on his driveway. He's ready for spring.

"It's fine," Mitchell added. "It's not a bit thing, like it usually is. It's a one day thing. It will be 70 before long."

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