Slick roads in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The roads were pretty bad in Chesterfield.

The roads deteriorated in a flash. Once the snow started to stick, it started to pile up on the roadways. Many drivers had a hard time just staying on the roadway.

You didn't have to drive for long in Chesterfield before spotting a car in the ditch. We spotted a car that lost control on Hull Street Road and crashed into an embankment.

Just a few feet away we found Douglas Kinton. He was sitting in his car waiting for someone to pick him up in a truck.

"All of a sudden around 4 o'clock it turned white but it got bad real quick," Kinton said. "Cars started sliding all over the place, going into ditches."

He was working Sunday delivering pizzas just like he has for the last six years. He was about to be sent out to make another delivery, but the roads were just too dangerous for him to keep working.

"It's not safe," he said. "If you don't need to come out here, don't come out here."

Visibility is poor in spots and nearly all the main roads in Chesterfield are slick and full of snow. Spin-offs and accidents have been reported all over the place.

"That's the way I judge it typically," Kinton said. "If Hull Street is drivable, it's tolerable, but if you can't drive on Hull Street, stay home."

Kinton says nights with bad weather are usually the busiest nights of the year for delivering pizzas. He says the potential for a lot of tips was not worth it to risk going out tonight.

"I wasn't expecting it to come down like this," he said. "There was nothing and then all of a sudden there was everything. It's kind of wild. Virginia weather, you never know."

We continue to get more reports of accidents and spin-offs all over Metro Richmond. If you absolutely have to go out in this, you can check traffic conditions by dialing 5-1-1 or going to

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