Snow Preparations Underway

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For now it's the calm before the storm and the first time many of us have had to prepare for snow this winter.

But so far not everyone seems to be taking the storm seriously.

With the warm temperatures right now, it doesn't look like many people are thinking about snow.

Lots of people are heading to local hardware stores, but hardly anyone is buying a shovel just yet.

Clay Butler runs Pleasant's Hardware on West Broad. He says so far it's business as usual.

"It's been kind of quiet," said Butler.  "We've had some phone calls asking, do we have shovels, do we have ice melt. We actually had a few sled calls."

Right now he has plenty of shovels, ice melt and sleds. No one has needed them so far this winter. Many of these shovels have been sitting here since last winter.

"It'd be nice to have one really good storm so we can clear out everything we got and be done with it for the season," said Butler.

We waited nearly two hours for someone to stop by looking for a shovel without any luck.

"It's usually when they actually start seeing it come down," he said.  "That's when it kind of gets crazy."

VDOT says it hasn't pre-treated the roadways because Sunday's storm will actually start as rain before snow, and that rain will wash it all away.

VDOT says it's been watching this storm all week.

"Our trucks and all that equipment, we're all good to go with that," said VDOT spokeswoman Sundra Hominick.  "Our sand, our salt, we're prepped to go with that and our crews are ready to go."

This could be the first time VDOT's snow plows are used this year.

Often salt and sand supplies can run low this late into winter, but VDOT says it has its full winter supply this time.

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