On Your Side Henrico: How do I get speeders to slow down?

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Henrico county neighbors are "Calling 12" for help getting drivers to slow down.

For years, we've been there to witness speeding on many neighborhood streets. Tonight, we're On Your Side, with a way to put the brakes on the problem.

One neighbor says it's getting dangerous.

"In the afternoon it's like a race track," he said.

When the races return to greater Richmond and you happen to live nowhere near RIR, that's a problem.

"Now the traffic is very bad," said a neighbor.

"Seems like they're going a whole lot faster," added another.

No matter the season, neighbors everywhere have called us to complain about speeding, and, since 2004, Henrico County has installed 72 of these signs (for additional $200 fines for speeding) as part of Phase One of the traffic calming program.

But what can you do when the threat of a $200 fine isn't enough? Well, the answer is you move onto Phase Two of the program, a phase in which the county leaves you little choice but to slow down.

That phase...is known as the speed hump phase. Michael Jennings is a county traffic engineer.

"A speed hump is more like a table," Jennings said.

Different than a speed "bump", a speed "hump" is only three inches high...making most drivers slow down to about 25 miles per hour. Currently, they exist in 17 neighborhoods.

"It has been popular," Jennings said, adding, "The majority of them [neighbors] are satisfied with the installation of speed humps and the speeds have been reduced on their roads."

But it takes a little bit of work to get them. After a formal complaint is made, the county does a traffic study. If the street qualifies for a solution, 75% of neighbors must sign a petition agreeing to it. The entire process can take months.

Our informal survey suggests there's already some common ground.

"They just have lead foots and that's just not a good mix," said one neighbor.

"We just want to see people stop speeding," added another.

If your street qualifies, there are other remedies besides the $200 fines and speed humps. Henrico's traffic engineers work with you to figure out the best solution.

For detailed information on the Henrico County traffic calming program, click here.

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