Huguely trial delayed one day, one of his attorneys is sick

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - No new testimony today in the murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player, George Huguely. Because one of Huguely's attorneys is sick, the trial has been postponed until Friday morning.

Rhonda Quagliana didn't show for court this morning.

Huguely's other defense attorney first asked for a three hour delay, but when his partner didn't return, the judge sent the jury home and told them because of this delay it was critical they be on time tomorrow.

A delay in a case that's already stretched nearly two weeks, the allotted completion time, and is far from over.

"This certainly breaks the momentum of the case with the upcoming President's day holiday the judge does not want to have the jury out for a long weekend without having rendered at least a verdict on the issue of guilt or innocence," said Charlottesville defense attorney, Scott Goodman.

Goodman has sat in on the Huguely murder trial from day one as a curious observer.

Huguely's defense team only got started late Wednesday with two witnesses so far in an attempt to cast doubt on the prosecution's claims Yeardley Love died of blunt force trauma.

The defense said Love died accidentally after a night of drinking nearly two years ago.

It was obvious that afternoon, Rhonda Quagliana wasn't feeling well, sneezing at times and appearing uncomfortable while questioning a witness.

Goodman said there may be a couple reasons Huguely's other attorney, Francis Lawrence, didn't want to go forward without his partner.

"It could very well be that the witnesses about to be called were witnesses that were prepped by Ms. Quagliana so the other lawyer did not want to go forward without that lawyer being here," said Goodman.

Goodman said Huguely himself likely also had a say.

"No matter who is going to question the witnesses the defendant himself may have said I don't want to go forward. I want both of my lawyers here with me. Lawyers who I've worked with for almost two years," said Goodman.

The trial resumes at 9 a.m. Friday. The judge wished Quagliana a speedy recovery.

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