Prosecution rests in Huguely trial, defense witnesses testifying

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The defense takes its turn in the murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player, George Huguely.

Huguely is accused of beating to death his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love. Jurors so far have heard from two witnesses, including a brain expert. Huguely's attorneys claim Love died accidentally after a night of drinking.

Not long after jurors saw the final piece of evidence by the prosecution: a close up picture of Love's bruised face, the defense began rolling out witnesses to counter the prosecution's claims love died of blunt force trauma.

They first put on a toxicologist who told jurors that considering Love's weight of 117 pounds and age of 22, she would have been clinically intoxicated which would cause severe impairment and balance issues. But couldn't predict how she would behave.

The medical examiner testified Tuesday, Love's blood alcohol level wasn't enough to kill her.

The defense toxicologist told the court damage to Love's brain had nothing to do with her alcohol metabolism rate. But the prosecution pointed out her severe brain injuries caused Love's heart to stop.

The toxicologist said there was nothing to indicate that. The Commonwealth's Attorney sarcastically replied "Well then Love is alive, thank you."

Earlier Wednesday, we heard from several of George Huguely's former lacrosse teammates and friends, including Ken Clausen, who said Huguely lied to him just hours before Love's body was found.

Around midnight, Clausen told jurors when he asked an intoxicated Huguely where he'd been, Huguely replied he was with a friend who was drunk when that friend was really writing a term paper.

The prosecution said Huguely assaulted Love around that time.

A defense brain expert testified CPR could be to blame for Love's brain hemorrhages and that her breathing was blocked because she was face down on her pillow.

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