Prosecution rests in Huguely murder trial

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The prosecution in the George Huguely murder trial rested its case Wednesday afternoon after five and a half days of testimony.

Their witnesses painted Huguely's relationship with Yeardley Love as tumultuous and described his behavior as increasingly out of control in the weeks leading up to her death.

Several of his lacrosse teammates from the University of Virginia shared their concerns that Huguely's drinking had become more frequent and more intense leading up to his arrest in Love's death on May, 2 2010. Some had even spoken privately about holding an intervention to address Huguely about their worries.

They also told of Huguely drinking substantial amounts of alcohol in the day leading up to Love's death, both at a father/son golf tournament for the team and into the evening.

The audio tape of Huguely's questioning will loom large in the trial, as several witnesses refuted Huguely's version of the night's events.

Medical and forensic experts also gave key testimony, explaining how Love's injuries were due to blunt force trauma and detailing the severity of damage done to her brain.

In opening statements, defense attorneys laid out a theory that Huguely didn't mean to kill Love, that she died due to a mix of alcohol, the ADD drug Adderall and the position that she collapsed. The death, they claim, was caused by positional asphyxiation, meaning she suffocated face down on a pillow.

The defense will likely take several days to present its case, and could force court to continue into Saturday. The initial plan was for the case to wrap up by Friday.

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