Son accused of stabbing father multiple times

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police arrested a man accused of stabbing his own father.

It was a scary night for neighbors in the Billmar Light Apartment Complex. No one wanted to talk on camera for their own safety, but neighbors say they noticed the dad was pacing outside the building on the sidewalk Tuesday night. They say, he seemed upset.

Next thing they knew, around midnight, residents heard 20-year-old Jayvon D. Baskerville and his dad arguing inside their apartment. It escalated out of their unit where someone even put a hole through the wall.

Neighbors say they heard the two fighting as they came down the steps. When they walked out the door and looked out the back, they saw several police officers investigating what happened.

Police didn't say exactly where Jayvon is accused of stabbing his dad, but signs of a struggle are evident on the gravel road in the back of the apartment, and where a trail of blood lines the sidewalk near the side of the building.

Police say Jayvon stabbed his dad several times before EMS crews arrived and rushed him to VCU Medical Center. The father expected to be ok.

Still, neighbors say they're frightened, and some are even thinking about moving somewhere else. Jayvon D. Baskerville has been charged with aggravated assault.

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