Parking Limited for Lion King

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're a day away from the opening of the Lion King here in Richmond. If you've bought tickets to the show, you might want to give yourself a little extra time to find a parking spot.

Parking is always a problem in The Fan; add roughly 80,000 ticket holders in the next month and parking is going to get worse.

Organizers at the Landmark Theatre say you should plan on arriving an hour and a half early so you don't miss the show.

The Lion King is one of the most popular shows ever to hit Broadway. It could break the box office record as the most popular show in Richmond as well.

Ann-Marie Jiles bought tickets Tuesday morning. She's been to the Landmark Theatre before and hasn't struggled too much to find a spot, but she knows the this time might be different.

"We came to see Cirque du Soleil many years ago and the parking was fine," Jiles said. "We didn't have a problem, but I understand you're telling everyone to come early so we might come a little early this time to get a parking place."

Cindy Creasy is the spokeswoman for Broadway in Richmond. She says an hour and a half early might sound over the top, but the show will start whether or not you've found your seat yet.

"If they wait for the thirty minute mark thinking they're going to make it, they're going to be disappointed," Creasy said.

Organizers say the opening number is one of the most famous songs from the show - so you'll want to make sure you're in your seat on time.

Jiles says she doesn't want to be sitting in her seat for an hour before the show starts so she might come more than an hour and a half early.

"What we'll do is come a couple hours early, go to a local restaurant, eat and then come over," Jiles said. "We're going to bring children and that's just too long to have children sit."

Something else to think about if you're cutting it close. These parking spaces are also being used by students at VCU night classes, and several basketball games at the Siegel Center.

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