Police nab 5 teens in string of Chesterfield break ins

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -- We are learning new information about how police nabbed 5 teens in connection with a string of home break ins in the Deer Run neighborhood of Chesterfield.

18-year-olds Taikym Carter, Quantrell Evans, Raheem Henry and Jessica Flores, along with a 17-year-old, are facing 34 charges in all.

Part of the reason the five people are facing charges is because of the community: some people actually put up surveillance cameras outside their homes.

What a difference a month makes for Tasha Crotts. Police say her home was one of at least six targets for these teens. "It does make me feel better sleeping at night that they caught all of them."

A few blocks down, Ryan Felker and his kids are feeling the same sense of calm.

"We were worried they might target our home since most of the houses hit were on this street," he said.

Police are giving us some insight into how they caught these suspects, and part of that reason is thanks to neighbors who decided to put these cameras up on their homes, trying to look for anything suspicious.

"Our camera's caught suspicious cars coming through the intersections, multiple times within an hour period," said Tasha.

Police also say these teens sold some of the stolen stuff at pawn and flea shops in the area. That helped police track this group down.

"They were selling some of our items at establishments. We had serial numbers that we gave the police," added Crotts.

"My neighbors and I were actually looking out for each other. We talked about it and they set up a Facebook page for the neighborhood as well," added Ryan.

Although the number of break ins are less frequent after the arrests, people still aren't backing down.

"We'll have them rolling so if anybody wants to come back, we'll have them on camera," said Crotts.

Police say they'd be surprised if the teens are not connected to other break ins in the area. We've learned that the 5 suspects all knew each other through school at one point.

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