Testimony focused on Yeardley Love autopsy at Huguely trial

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Gruesome testimony in Charlottesville today as details emerge about the autopsy of Yeardley Love. Her former boyfriend, George Huguely, is accused of beating the 22-year-old to death nearly two years ago.

Testimony ended Monday with the Assistant Chief Medical Examiner. The descriptions brought Love's sister, and aunt to tears. Her mom wasn't in the courtroom. The defense claims Huguely only thought Love had a nose bleed. The M.E. pointed out there was no injury to her nose.

Graphic descriptions of countless autopsy pictures; testimony Love's mom seemed to have chosen to avoid.

The defense claims Love died accidentally of positional asphyxiation after a night of drinking. But the Assistant Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Bill Gormley said Love did not die of asphyxia.

Dr. Gormley did Love's autopsy one day after she was found bloodied and bruised in her own bed. He said she had bruising on both legs, her left hand, knuckles and forearm.

An examination of her soft neck tissue showed a small area of hemorraging suggesting blunt force injury from pressure. When Gormley looked at Love's skull, he said he found a two-by-three inch bruise on the right side.

Gormley said Love also had bruising on the right side of her face, including her right eye, underneath her chin and inside her lip. But no injury to her nose.

Earlier Monday, a Charlottesville police officer testified about a search of Huguely's apartment where a bathroom rug, shower curtain, and clothing were all taken into evidence. The officer told jurors he also took a swab of a red stain in the bathtub. Another officer said he spent two hours taking pictures of Huguely showing redness to his left knuckles and hair samples from his legs.

The prosecution said Huguely kicked in Love's door. The defense said the injuries were from a lacrosse game. The officer testified he's positive Huguely didn't tell him about lacrosse.

Huguely's disposition was quite different than what we've seen. He seemed more confident and at ease, smiling at times while talking with his attorneys.

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