Richmond Parking Ticket Revenues Are Down

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Fewer people were caught illegally parking their cars in Richmond last year, as the city saw a 10% drop in parking ticket revenues in 2011.

The yellow-jacketed enforcers wrote up 127,541 tickets. That translates into $3,949,401 million in revenue for the city.

"You never know who you're going to run into when you're out there. People get angry. No one likes to get a parking ticket, but it's a necessary evil," said Richmond Public Works spokesperson Sharon North.

The months when you're most likely to be caught are March, April and May. You are least likely to get a ticket in July and around Christmas. There are 27 enforcers patrolling the downtown. And it turns out not everyone pays up.

The city is still owed $1,041,714 million in unpaid tickets from 2011. That's 15,211 citations.

So, where does your money end up if you paid for a parking ticket last year? Right back in to the city's general fund. This year parking violators left that fund a little lighter.

About a year ago we dug into the city's ticket records and figured out the exact streets you were most likely to get a parking ticket in Richmond. We found out 500 North 10 Street was the number one place to get a ticket in the city. 500 North 11th came in a close second. Both spots are on the MCV Campus.

The 800 and 900 blocks of West Franklin were also big ticket areas. They are in the heart of the VCU campus.

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