Huguely trial to resume Monday

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - A high profile murder trial begins its second week in Charlottesville Monday. George Huguely faces charges for his alleged role in the death of his on again off again girlfriend, Yeardly Love.

A chilling one-hour police interview played in court Friday moved several to tears. In it, a detective told Huguely quote: "She's dead. You killed her."

"The question is going to be, what impression did it make on the jury?" said Benjamin. He says that impression could be critical in what to expect from the defense.

"What they've gotta be wondering now is, did this come across persuasively enough that they've gotten their message to the jury?" said Benjamin. "Or do they need to take the risk of putting this guy on?  And I say risk because if he testifies, he's got a lot that he's gotta answer for."

Benjamin says if Huguely does testify, the expectations will be high.

"If he does testify, then two things are important," said Benjamin. "Number 1: His ability to answer the obvious questions that we all have. Number 2: The extent to which he's capable of true and sincere remorse."

But before the defense presents its side and decides whether to put Huguely on the stand, Benjamin says to expect more medical testimony from the prosecution. For example, whose hair was trapped in the kicked in door?

"After that, I think we'll finally hear from the medical examiner exactly the cause of death," said Benjamin. "That seems to be a pivotal issue in this case.'

Benjamin says it is rare for a defendant to take the stand. Of course, whether Huguely decides to do so, remains to be seen.

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