Some Mo' Money checks arrive

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - After weeks of waiting- some people finally got their tax refunds checks Friday from "Mo' Money Tax Service" in Henrico County. Others are being told to wait two or three more days.

A steady stream of customers walked in and out of the doors of the Mo' Money office on Mechanicsville Turnpike, all under the watchful eye of Henrico Police.

After days of problems and delays- some customers finally got their refund checks. This woman agreed to talk- she just did not want to be identified. "The checks were printed out. They were dated 2 and 8 and I'm ready to go cash it," she said.

Christina Gaines also got her check.

Rachel: "Going to see if your bank will cash this?"
Christina: "Yeah!"
Rachel: "Do you think it will?"
Christina: "I hope so."
Rachel: "What if it doesn't?"
Christina: "I'm coming back."

After first blaming the IRS for the problems, Mo' Money's owner took responsibility on Wednesday and apologized for a technical problem.

Despite assurances the checks would arrive in Virginia Friday- a few people walked away empty handed.

This is another person- who did not want to be identified: "He's saying that it's going to take 2 or 3 days before they get checks. I mean it's just the run around. It's frustrating."

Shusonya Whitaker says she's not here for a check.

"I asked them not to send my preparations off and they did. They actually tried to send it three times," said Whitaker.

Whitaker has filed a formal complaint with the IRS and says she does not want a check from Mo Money.

"They were trying to charge me $500 to prepare my taxes and that's unheard of. So, I know I can't allow that. I work too hard for my money," Whitaker explained.

Though the experiences were different Friday- nearly every person we spoke with told us the same thing when we asked if they will use Mo' Money Tax Services again.

"Never!  Never!" said one woman. "No, no, no!" said another.

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