Huguely said during taped interrogation "I didn't kill her."

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT)- Friday was the most dramatic day yet at the murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely.

An hour-long police interrogation tape brought Huguely himself to tears. The tape, not only caused Huguely to sob, but when it was all over, two jurors were crying and many on the panel looked over at Huguely. Yeardley Love's mother's face was red.

On tape, Huguely said "I didn't kill her."

At the beginning of the hour long interrogation Huguely's voice was deep, he spoke slowly. That changed the moment Charlottesville Detective Lisa Reeves told Huguely "She's dead, you killed her."

Huguely seemed in disbelief saying,"She's not. I want to see her."

Reeves replied, "She is. You're here because she's dead."

In court, Huguely dropped his head, covered his eyes, and sobbed.

During that police interview May 3rd, 2010, Huguely told Reeves he drank at least ten beers and two glasses of wine the day before.

He said he went to Love's apartment, unannounced, to talk to her about an argument they had earlier in the week. Huguely admitted he kicked in Love's bedroom door. The defendant said Love, who he claims was wearing a t-shirt and underwear, told him "you have to leave."

Love's roommate testified she found her half naked. Huguely said the two wrestled on the ground, that her nose started to bleed. He told the detective he may have grabbed her neck a little, but didn't strangle Love. Huguely was adamant he never struck Love, but pushed her on the bed and left.

He told another detective he took Love's laptop because he was angry she wouldn't talk to him. Investigators testified they found fragments of an email by Huguely on the same laptop threatening to kill Love.

Detective Reeves told jurors she noticed bruises on Huguely's knuckles and a fresh cut on his arm. Huguely said those injuries were from a lacrosse game the weekend before.

A forensic detective showed the door with a basketball sized hole. Earlier he described graphic crime scene photos of blood on Love's pillow and bruised eye. That same witness described finding stained towels behind Love's bathroom door. But said the stains did not match stains elsewhere in the bedroom.

A note was also found in the room from Huguely to Love, but won't be read allowed in court.

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