EpiPen bill passed through Education and Health Committee

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some students could be much safer in schools now that lawmakers have moved the EpiPen bill further through the senate.

If a student is suffering from a dangerous allergic reaction, school officials could use the device to treat the reaction.

Lawmakers brought on this legislation after a Hopkins Elementary School student died from a food allergy — in January, seven-year old Amarria Johnson ate a peanut at school.

The bill that requires all schools to have these EpiPens just passed through the senate Education and Health Committee Thursday.

Now it heads to the senate floor.

A similar proposal in the house has already passed in one house committee.

If this bill passes, it would give a school nurse permission to inject epinephrine into a student who has a prescription on file or who is suffering from an allergic reaction, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Many parents hope this bill passes.

Lawmakers want to make sure, the next time a student suffers from a severe allergic reaction, the school can do everything in it's power to help.

We'll bring you the latest developments as this bill heads to the senate floor.

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