Dangerous dog still in neighborhood

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - We're getting answers tonight about why a dog that attacked 70-year old Nancy Setchel is still in her neighborhood.

The dog named Stetson, Setchel says, is a full grown akita husky mix.

Police say he is considered a dangerous dog but not enough to take him away from his owner. Look out Setchel's kitchen window and there he is - the dog that bit off part of her face two weeks ago.

"I don't want it, just don't want it next door," Setchel said.

Setchel says she and the dog's owner - who is her brother - were hanging out outside her home, she was petting the dog, when all of a sudden it jumped up and bit her face.

She said she didn't provoke the dog in anyway, but police are investigating.

And so far, because of the dog's clean history prior to this attack, police say, the owner is allowed to keep him during the investigation.

"The owner is abiding by the rules and keeping the dog chained or locked up and not running at large," said Captain Brian Kei of Prince George County Police.

The county's leash law prohibits dogs to run loose and Stetson, must be tethered at all times. There's more:

"Based on the severe injures of the victim the dog could definitely be considered a vicious dog and be put on the dangerous dog registry, yes," said Kei.

If put on the registry, Stetson's owner will have to get one hundred thousand dollars in liability insurance, keep it penned or indoors, and put warning signs around the property. The only way off the registry is death or an out of state move.

"We want to do what's right in the best interest of everyone, we empathize with the victim, the injuries are terrible and we want to make sure we do it the right way," said Kei.

The investigation is in the final stages. We'll find out next week, if the dog's owner faces charges.

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