Crime spree through Richmond targets cars

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- A string of 10 cars were broken in to in just one night in Richmond and now people are on alert. The crimes spanned across the Museum District, the Fan and along parts of Forest Hill Avenue.

Some of the cars had unlocked doors, but most of the cars had windows smashed. In all of the crimes, the crooks stole stuff that was in plain sight through the windows.

That's exactly what happened to Jennings Whiteway's roommates car. "When anything like that happens, you feel violated but luckily, no one was harmed," said Whiteway. "She just had damage to her car."

It will end up costing hundreds of dollars to fix. Her roommate certainly isn't alone.

Jennings is making some changes now -- before she has to deal with that problem.

"I immediately threw everything that was in my car into a bag, along with stuff in my glove compartment and anything in the seat of the floor," Jennings adds.

Although police really don't have a great idea of exactly who's behind these crimes right now, they are holding out hope some of the stolen stuff will eventually lead them to the crooks.

"There's been instances where a laptop was stolen from a car and when the suspect makes an attempt to have the hard drive cleaned, we are able to ID it to the victim through the action of the suspect," says Richmond PD Lt. Edward Capriglione.

An interesting fact: last year more than 1500 people had cars that were broken into. This recent crime spree is the first spike police in Richmond have seen this year.

There were reports of a man on a bike checking car doors to see if they were locked or not in the Carytown Kroger, recently as well.