Adderall, alcohol use at center of Huguely case

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Testimony in the George Huguely murder trial focused on Yeardley Love's Adderall prescription and on Huguely's alcohol abuse, as the prosecution continued presenting its case Thursday.

Dr. Danny Mistery, who was the primary care physician for the University of Virginia athletic department in 2010, testified that Love had three EKGs during her time on the women's lacrosse team at the school. Each time the test showed nothing abnormal about Love's heart rhythm, despite concerns that the ADD drug could cause changes or strain to athlete's heart function. Mistery said he last saw Love when she stopped by to thank him for his work over her four years at the school and testified that she was in "pretty good shape."

Prosecutors also called several of Huguely's teammates to the stand to testify about his alcohol use leading up to Love's death. Teammates Tim Fuchs and Brian Carroll both testified that Huguely was drinking all day leading up to Love's death. The Virginia lacrosse team had just finished their season and was holding a father/son golf tournament on Sunday May 1, 2010. Both men testified that Huguely was drunk by the day's end, with slurred speech and inappropriate behavior.

Carroll also testified that Huguely's drinking got more intense and more frequent, with the fourth-year student getting drunk four times a week. Friends and teammates were so concerned that they considered having an intervention with Huguely at the end of the season, according to Carroll's testimony.

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