Dramatic testimony in Huguely murder trial

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Dramatic testimony today in the George Huguely murder trial.

A witness demonstrated on the Commonwealth's attorney an incident he claims he saw between Huguely and Yeardley Love.

That witness, Michael Burns, Love's friend, stood behind the prosecutor with his arm around his neck.

We also heard testimony about the days leading up to Love's death and why some witnesses had become concerned about Huguely's behavior.

Several witnesses testified late Thursday Huguely had a drinking problem that affected his behavior and mood.

One former UVA Lacrosse player told jurors Huguely was getting drunk four nights a week that friends had wanted to hold an intervention.

Days before Love died, the prosecution said Huguely emailed love stating quote "you said we'd get back together if I stopped getting drunk."

According to the Commonwealth's attorney Huguely threatened to kill Love in the same email that mentioned a sexual relationship between Love and her friend, Burns.

Burns testified he didn't consider himself to be close with Love and that they never dated.

Under cross examination, he told the court, he and Love "hooked up" on several occasions including February 27th, 2010 after he witnessed an incident between Love and Huguely.

Burns said he heard a girl yelling "help me! help me!" from Huguely's apartment and when he look in Huguely's bedroom saw Huguely with his arm wrapped around Love's neck.

Burns said Love ran out crying hysterically.

Under defense questioning, Burns testified days later Love told him everything was okay that Huguely was just being quote "crazy".

The day before Love died, witnesses told jurors Huguely started drinking at 9 a.m. at a father and son golf tournament that ended at 5 p.m.

A former UVA lacrosse player said Huguely was drunk by then and acting inappropriately.

Nine hours later, Love was found bloodied and bruised.

A rescue squad member testified CPR went on for 24 minutes. But Love showed no sign of life.

Love's sorority sister told jurors she was on and off again romantically involved with Huguely.

That she knew Love got upset about that but the two had reconciled. But testimony revealed Love and Huguely argued about that relationship days before her death.

It was a hard day for the Love family as EMT's and police officers described graphic pictures.

At one point, Love's mother was trembling.

Her mom, sister and aunt have been glaring at Huguely, who won't look at the photos.

The original call May 3rd, 2010 came in as an alcohol overdose.

Attorneys said Love had been drinking the night before. But one Charlottesville detective testified the moment he stepped in Love's bedroom, it was obvious Love was a victim of violence.

He started snapping pictures.

The detective told the court there was a huge hole in Love's bedroom door and her right eye was black and blue.

The first officer there also testified Love's right eye was swollen shut, she had blood around her head and nose and cuts on her chin.

He told jurors the scene was nowhere near the report first given.

He said Love's body was at room temperature.

As officers and EMT's described pictures of Love lying on her bedroom floor, Huguely looked down. Love's family glared at him, crying at times.

The defense has said CPR may have caused some of Love's injuries but a doctor testified the CPR technique used that morning appeared appropriate and correct.

A doctor, who cared for UVA athletes, testified Love was at one point taking the prescription drug Adderall. But EKG's showed no abnormalities in her heart function.

He said she was in good shape, that there was no medical reason for Love to die that morning.

Huguely is facing six charges including first degree murder. The defense wants the jury to consider involuntary manslaughter.

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