2-month-old's death under investigation in Henrico

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A two-month-old baby is dead. And tonight, Henrico police are "still" looking into why. Police are calling that baby's death "suspicious". It happened at the Oakmeade Apartments. That's in eastern Henrico just off of Airport Drive.

At last check, police were waiting on the medical examiner to determine a cause of death. That information is still being withheld tonight...lengthening an investigation that began very early Thursday morning.

By mid-morning, the only sign that anything was wrong was this first-story window...which was covered up to block curious neighbors, and cameras. Hours earlier, police were on scene as a family tragedy unfolded here.

It was just after midnight. Investigators were called for a baby -unresponsive- inside unit number 249.

After being rushed away from the red-brick apartment, the child was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Because of the child's age, 2-months-old, it naturally raises the question of SIDs. But authorities here, on scene, were unable to confirm if that's what they're dealing with.

So the death was labeled "suspicious", by police...not just early on...but all the way into the evening.

At the request of the baby's mother, an apartment manager later told reporters to leave, but not before the sad news spread from door to door.

Whatever happened here, remains under wraps for now.

So we were left to talk to neighbors, several of whom spoke off-camera with us this morning. They said a mother lives in the unit, with multiple small children. They all expressed shock and sadness when we told them what happened...but we're all waiting for authorities to answer the lingering questions.

Henrico police are still awaiting a "cause of death" from the medical examiner before releasing more details.

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