Testimony begins in Huguely case

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - He didn't intend to kill her! That statement by George Huguely's defense attorney as he laid out his case to jurors in the high profile murder trial.

Huguely is accused of beating to death his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love. Testimony got underway today.

So far, Love's mother, sister, and two roommates have taken the stand. We'll soon hear from doctors and other medical experts as the defense disputes how Love died.

Huguely hasn't shown any emotion while Love's family has been in tears. Huguely, seen here for the first time Wednesday walking in to court, got a stern look from Love's older sister, Lexie Love as she made her way to the witness stand.

Lexie Love, who on this day turned 28, followed her mother's testimony. Both talked about the moment each found out about Yeardley Love's death in May 2010. The medical examiner ruled blunt force trauma as the cause.

The defense said he'll bring in experts to show love died of positional asphyxiation.

Huguely's attorney said Love was drunk and may have been injured from falling on the floor as she moved around her room eventually landing on her pillow. That on top of 30 minutes of CPR that can be quote "forceful."

During opening statements, the prosecution said one of Love's two roommates found her in bed that she thought she was sleeping until she moved her hair and saw blood on the pillow and a visible ugly injury to her right eye.

But the prosecution said that was the lesser of the injuries that an autopsy found contusions on Love's brain stem and neck.

The prosecution said an intoxicated Huguely told police he thought she only had a nose bleed after he had pushed her on the bed.

The Commonwealth's attorney said Love showed signs of life for two hours before dying alone.

As for the robbery charge against Huguely, the defense says he didn't steal Love's laptop where the prosecution said it found parts of an email by Huguely threatening to kill Love days before her death. That he took it for collateral.

The defense said Huguely was trying to work things out that night.

His attorney said Huguely is not guilty of first degree murder, but wants the jury to carefully consider a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter.

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