Babysitter speaks after being robbed at gunpoint

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police are looking for several men accused of robbing a woman who was babysitting two young children. She says they approached her on the 1500 block of North 31st Street near Nine Mile road.

The woman says it was one of the scariest moments she's experienced in her life. Frances Wade  says she had just gotten home from picking up dinner after 8:00 Tuesday night. She remembers seeing one male walk by her car. Three others crossed the street nearby. Once she thought they'd passed, she got out. That's when she says four of them confronted her and demanded money. Wade says one threatened her with a double barrel shot gun, the other with a black handgun.

"Was I going to live or die?" said Wade. "That's what I was thinking. "I didn't know. I was very scared."

She says the suspects took her purse with her money, credit card and I. D. inside. Next, they ordered her to hand over her keys. With two five-year old children in the backseat, she refused.

"I told him, you cant have the keys to my car," Wade added. "I just cranked it up and went just as fast as I could to get out of here."

Wade drove to the closest police station where she told investigators about the robbery and other crimes occurring at the park across the street.

"A lot of drugs going on," Wade noted. " I wish it would get out of our neighborhood, and I wish police would put them in rehab or somewhere where they can get help."

Wade says this recent scare won't cause her to move, but she does have a warning for neighbors.

"Please don't be out there late," Wade urged. "If you don't have to be out, stay at home. "They have guns and they will hurt you."

The victim says all four males, who appeared to be teenagers, were dressed in black. She says the person with the shotgun was wearing a black toboggan.

Police are still searching for the suspects. Anyone with information that could help lead police to an arrest can call Richmond Crime Stoppers at: (804) -780-1000. Your tips can remain anonymous.

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