"Buying A Voice": Obama for America

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWBT) - The presidential primary season is underway, and with it a slew of ads for and against the various candidates. But while republicans fight it out in places other than Virginia, Barack Obama is already making a move here.

We take a look behind the first ad from the Obama campaign in 2012 in this week's "Buying a Voice".

The president's campaign team decided to launch their first 2012 ad war by responding to a hard hitting ad we have already featured on Buying a Voice. That ad attacked Mister Obama's role in the funding of Solyndra. Now the president is working to set the record straight.

"Attacking president Obama with ads fact checkers say are not tethered to facts," says a narrator arguing the president's case.

In 30 seconds, the commercial attempts to dismantle the claims by "Americans for Prosperity" and then build the case that the president is actually having success in creating green energy jobs.

The ad will be the first of many paid for by "Obama for America".

Obama for America or OFA, is the name of President Obama's re-election organization. It is the most traditional form of political fund raising.

The average voter wishing to contribute the Obama campaign would donate to OFA.

A quick check of the Federal Election Commission web site reveals literally thousands of donors to OFA with Virginia ties.

But while that donor list is very traditional and something the president is proud of, just this week he gave approval for his supporters to actively begin raising money through a practice he has criticized in the past.

Supporters of the president have launched "Priorities USA Action". Priorities is a Super-PAC, Meaning its donors can give without limit, but they must disclose those donations.

It's not directly connected to Obama for America, although the president has given the group his approval.

Currently the PAC has spent most of its time hammering Mitt Romney.

It's raised more than $3 million. The two biggest donations, $2 million from Dreamworks CEO Jeffery Katzenburg and $500 thousand from NewsWeb Corporation honcho Fred Eychaner.

But keep in mind, this SuperPAC, has not bought any ads in Virginia quite yet. We have put all the research behind this week's report on my political blog, Decision Virginia.

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