Toddler Killed, Huguely Trial, Dental Hygiene - Coming up at 5:00 on NBC12

A vibrant, happy child  was killed in an overnight house fire and family and friends are sharing their pain over the two year old's death. Coming up at 5:00, how her big brother and parents escaped and how her father tried to save his little girl.

Plus, we're live in Charlottesville where a judge has told attorneys in the George Huguely murder trial to pick up the pace, as jury selection creeps along. On the first day in court emotion overflowed. Tara Morgan reports the victims sister broke down in tears. We'll hear why ahead at five.

And did you know that there's a strong link between your teeth and heart disease and diabetes? Coming up at 5;00 we'll hear from dentists about the connection and our Call 12 lines are open with information about free or low costs dental services.