Local man helps create Super Bowl commercial

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Million dollar Super Bowl ads are always highly anticipated. This year's VW commercial has creative roots in Richmond.

One of the associate creative directors for the commercial grew up in the Metro Area. Mark Peters went to Chalkley Elementary and Providence Middle School. He also went to VCU's advertising school and worked at the Martin Agency.

You may have recognized the commercial mark Peters worked on as the one where a dog loses weight to chase a VW car.

"We wanted this sort of comeback story," Peters told us via Skype. "That's sort of what the dog became- a metaphor for anybody. That we have a comeback in us. We're hoping that America would like a little bit of an inspirational story. "

Peters says he know expectations would be high for this commercial, after last year's VW ad. The "Little Vader" storyline was named one of the best ads of the year.

"The Vader spot ended up being one of the most loved ads probably in the last decade," said Peters. "We were all like, how the heck are we going to top that?"

It turns out they did it by paying a 2012 nod to last year's little star. As the dog commercial ended, the logo zoomed out to a Star Wars character-filled bar. The iconic characters argued whether the dog or "Little Vader" made for a better commercial.

Work on the ad started early. Peters says the team started working on this commercial in August.

"Literally, hundreds of ideas, hundreds of scripts were written. And because it's such a big moment for the brand, there's a lot of people that get to weigh in and say which spots they like, so an idea has to run a gauntlet," Peters explained.

He also reminded us that the final success of the ad is ultimately determined by the audience. Luckily, Mark can always count on the support of his parents, still located in the Richmond area. We caught up with them as they watched the ad- his dad, John, says all of Mark's creative talent, comes from his mother.

Mark says he does watch the game for the commercials. After all, he has to see what the competition creates. We asked him who he was rooting for on the field and he told us pretty clearly, his allegiances lie with the Redskins.

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