Driver crashes into Henrico home, charged with DUI

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Some scary moments for a Henrico family who woke up to car crashing into their home. This happened off Greenwood Road and Forest Trace Way in Glen Allen.

Fortunately the two people inside the home were not injured and neither was the driver.

Police are keeping an eye out for drunk drivers during Super Bowl weekend.

They say this crash shows what can happen when you mix drinking and driving.

Chris Capehart lives next door. He says he heard a crash around 4 o'clock Saturday morning.

"I came downstairs, I checked my backyard and I didn't see where anything got knocked over," Capehart said.  "I didn't think much of it and went back to bed."

He didn't realize a car had crashed into his neighbor's house.

"I couldn't believe it," he said.  "It's not something you would assume would happen in your neighborhood. You hear it all the time on the news about people crashing into houses, but not your next door neighbor."

One neighbor we spoke to says the car crashed at such a sharp angle that it was almost like the driver turned here on purpose.

Police found 22 year-old Andrew Crumpton next to the car that crashed into the home. He was arrested and charged with DUI.

People in this neighborhood say they're relieved no one was hurt -- they know this crash could have been much worse.

"This is a suburban neighborhood with a lot of children so it's pretty scary," Capehart said. 
"Fortunately it was late at night and nobody was out."

A building inspector checked out the home early Saturday morning.

Fortunately there was only minor damage to the house itself.

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