Super Bowl Drinking

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're out celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, you better believe the cops will be out too...looking for drunk drivers.

No one ever intends on driving drunk, like Paul Jowaisas who's going to root for the NY Giants this Sunday from a friend's house.

"I'm probably going to drive and maybe have a couple drinks, sober up, if sobering involves a couple of drinks and then go home," said Jowaisas.

Joking aside, Jowaisas believes that he knows better than to get behind a wheel intoxicated.

"As it goes with the Super Bowl it also goes with nights like New Years Eve, you wanna keep in mind, to be safe you would wanna take a cab," said Jowaisas.

Virginia State Police says drunk driving alone claimed more than 270 lives on Virginia's highways in 2010.

Drunken people stumbling out of bars with car keys in hand are a scary sight, and a local cab company owner doesn't want to see it again.

"It's just not worth a DUI, it's not worth putting your family's safety, or their peace of mind at risk. Get a cab, designated driver, do whatever you can to make sure your safety and the people around you are safe," said Jonathan Trainum, owner of Napoleon Taxicab Service LLC.

On the flip side, cab companies certainly look forward to big game nights to help boost sales.

And just like the bar, Trainum's looking forward to a busy night.

"We're going to put on 5-10 extra cabs this Sunday, making sure we're providing support for the city," said Trainum.

Virginia law enforcement says DUI fatalities are actually down in overall numbers...but still over 29-thousand people are getting DUI's in Virginia every year.