City offering shuttle buses for people living in food deserts

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Mayor Dwight Jones wants to make sure everyone in Richmond has access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

The city is offering a free shuttle service to areas it calls food deserts. These are neighborhoods without access to healthy food options; places like Hillside Court, Creighton Court, Mosby and Whitcomb.

"Many of our poor residents who live in inner city communities do not have access to quality food," says Carolyn Garham

"They can get the fruits and vegetables..cheaper stuff too, cheaper than the convenience store," says Richmond resident Katrina Eze.

The shuttle will run the first Tuesday and Saturday of each month and drop off shoppers at four different stores, including Kroger, Walmart and the market.

For a look at the schedule, check out your community's office.

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