NBC12 talks to company fixing generator installations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We've uncovered a major breakthrough for people dealing with the faulty installation of generators throughout our area.  NBC12 has learned Virginia Air Mechanical, the company accused of the shoddy work, and Chesterfield County have agreed to repairs by a third-party contractor.

Officials in the Chesterfield Department of Building Inspections will be keeping a close eye as these repairs are made.  There's still a lot of work to be done and they want to make sure those homeowners are finally out of danger.

People throughout Central Virginia were breathing a sigh of relief Thursday night thanks to Commonwealth Duct and Mold.  This is a resolution months in the making.  And now we've learned it won't cost customers a thing.

"We're not trying to be heroes out here but we're trying to help people out," said Commonwealth manager Larry Bryant.

He's helping people out of a situation that in the worst case scenario could have caused fires or explosions in their homes.

For the past month, we've been investigating Virginia Air Mechanical, a company Chesterfield County said performed faulty whole-house generator installations.  Now, officials have inspected and given the ok for Virginia Air to pay for another company, Commonwealth Duct and Mold, to fix the issues.

"Although we think that we've turned the corner on getting agreements to get the work completed, we still have to make sure that it's done, completed and code compliant," said Chief of Inspections Roger Robertson.

Larry Bryant has already started making repairs and completing contracts.  Right now, he's seeing mostly gas issues.  The company will work off customer lists from the original contractor and the county.

"What we need is to see their contract," Bryant explained.  "I'd like to come out there and visit them. If they're in Chesterfield County, the Chesterfield County Building Inspectors have done an awesome job helping us out.  They've supplied us with a letter that we need the customer to sign and then we can start pulling permits."

There are reports that Virginia Air Mechanical would close its doors for good after the repairs process but its lawyer told NBC12 a decision on the future of the business will only be made once repairs are complete.

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