General Mills under fire for peanut butter flavored Cheerios

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) General Mills is dealing with a Cheerios controversy.

The company recently introduced a new peanut butter flavored cereal that has some parents very concerned.

Adding peanut butter makes a lot of things taste better for many people, but not for those with a peanut allergy.

Some parents with children who have peanut allergies worry they could mistakenly eat the product while away at daycare or school — fearing a playmate could share the snack, causing an allergic reaction.

They're also concerned that manufacturing of the cereal could contaminate equipment with peanut oil.

Last month a Chesterfield girl died after eating a peanut given to her on the playground at Hopkins Elementary School by another student who didn't know about her food allergy.

That's prompted two state lawmakers to introduce legislation to have EpiPens in schools for food-allergy emergencies.

General Mills says, "with complete confidence," that the Cheerios peanut butter cereal "will not cross contaminate with other Cheerios products."

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