Child cut by classmate

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - An attack in a pre-K classroom, leaves a four year old injured and his mom enraged. The little boy was cut on the neck by a classmate with scissors. The victim's mother says scars run deep.

The incident happened inside of a Head Start classroom -- operated by a non-profit called, the Improvement Association. The mother of the victim says she's concerned for the safety of her child and other students.

4-year-old Dennot Mirjah is bouncing back from his injury. His mother says that last week, Dennot was cut by a classmate with scissors -- when he refused to let the boy get in front of him in line.

Dennot's mother, Margaret, is furious.

"The school told me the teacher bent down to pick up her purse and in seconds the kid got out of line, came back with scissors, opened them up and cut him on the neck," she said.

Dennot was taken to a medical clinic. He's doing well physically, but his mom says there are emotional scars.

"He's become afraid of scissors. If you pick up scissors and go toward him he's ducking and dodging," Margaret said. "He doesn't want to be around the other little kid because he feels he's going to do something to him."

Margaret says she's not mad at the school. She wants the little boy who injured her son to get help.

"I don't want him to start down a path that could mess him up for life," she said.

In a statement the executive director of the Improvement Association early childhood program says, "The health and safety of all children is a number 1 priority. We have met with the parents of both parties to address their concerns and to develop a contingency plan... That will emotionally and academically move both students beyond this incident to refocus on school readiness."

Dennot is now in a different class.

A police report has been filed -- the sheriff's office says it's investigating the matter. Dennot's mother says she's never had a problem with the school before this incident.

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