Warning about scam tax email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It's tax time and for most, that means a refund. But if you're not careful, you could lose that money and a lot more, crooks could steal your identity.  Scammers are sending phishing emails hoping to collect your information. Scammers use the phony messages in attempt get your personal information.

The NBC12 News room was recently flooded with fraudulent tax emails. In one day, we received nearly 30. They all claimed that we filled out tax forms incorrectly and should click a link to fix the problem.

This latest email deception pretends it's coming from a legitimate company called INTUIT. It offers services like Turbo Tax and Quicken. The subject of the phony email reads, "please provide your tax information." It claims your name and or social security number is incorrect. Then there's a link you can click to fix the problem. Don't do it!

The real INTUIT company is on to the scam. On its website, it has a message alerting consumers about the fake email. It warns not to click the link and to report the email to them at spoof@intuit.com. We checked and the IRS is also aware of this and other phishing scams. It has this advice. Don't reply to any suspicious message. Don't open any attachments. Don't click on any links. And forward the email to phishing@irs.gov. After you forward the email, delete it.

This is just one of the latest tricks crooks are using but remember, there are many more out there. The IRS has some examples and safety tips on its website.

For more information, we have provided the helpful links below.


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