New gruesome details in latest Hanover murder

Sarajane Hakopian
Sarajane Hakopian

MONTPELIER, VA (WWBT) - We're learning new, gruesome details about the murder of a Beaverdam woman.

The Medical Examiner says Sarajane Hakopian died from stab wounds to the neck and chest. She was found dead in her home on Monday. 

A search warrant of the home released Wednesday says Hakopian was found dead in her own bed. Hanover deputies are now in Florida interviewing the man they believe may be responsible.

The makeshift memorial continues to grow outside the Hakopian home.

The search warrant reveals a neighbor came by to check on Sarajane after she didn't show up to look after her neighbor's child. Sarajane's teenage son was home and answered the door, but he didn't know where his mother was.

The neighbor found Sarajane dead in her own bed, already stiff to the touch according to court documents. Sarajane's family is clearly devastated.

Sarajane's sister-in-law says no one ever had a mean word to say about Sarajane. She says she was much like Mother Theresa, always looking to help others.

Now Hanover deputies are trying to bring justice for Sarajane.

Investigators are currently in Florida interviewing Sarajane's boyfriend Brian Mallory. He's in jail in Jacksonville after police say he stole her minivan. He has been charged with grand larceny but has not been charged with Sarajane's murder.

Hanover police say he is waiving his extradition rights, but right now investigators say they don't know when he might come back to Virginia.

Records obtained by NBC12 from the Virginia Department of Corrections show Mallory has a long history with law enforcement. He has several felony convictions in Hanover on his record, including robbery, kidnapping and use of a firearm.

Sarajane's family went to identify her body Wednesday afternoon. She leaves behind two teenage children. 

Sarajane does not have any family in the Richmond area to take care of her kids, but her family says arrangements have already been made for her children to finish school in Hanover. 

The full search warrant is available by clicking below:

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