No jail time for man who brought loaded weapon into RIC

Chris Shackleford
Chris Shackleford

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Virginia Beach man will not face jail time for bringing a gun into the Richmond airport.

"I think in most cases, the court, in similar charges would impose a jail sentence," said Chris Shackleford's attorney, Ed Vaughn. "He did not impose a jail sentence because Mr. Shackleford had no record. He's gainfully employed, active in his community and active in his church. He just simply made a mistake."

Chris Shackleford was ordered to pay a $200 dollar fine and handed a six month suspended jail sentence for having a concealed weapon in his bag. As long as he abides by the judge's order, he won't actually serve jail time.

Shackleford was on his way from Virginia Beach to Knoxville, Tennessee on a business trip on November 26. His company re-routed him to Denver through Richmond International Airport at the last minute, which he says caused him to pack a sports bag in a hurry. TSA agents found a loaded 45-caliber Ruger in the bag, which Shackleford admitted was packed by accident.

"The mere fact that he forget did not raise to his defense in this case," Vaughn added. Neither did the fact that Shackleford had no license to carry a concealed weapon. "He had no prior record and he's very proud of that," Vaughn commented. "Even though it's a misdemeanor, it will go on his record."

68-year old James Horne is also accused of bringing a loaded gun into the Richmond airport in January. His next court date is set for next Tuesday, February 7th.

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