Lawmakers propose new drunk driving bills

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Lawmakers in the Virginia House of Delegates passed several bills to protect innocent people from becoming victims of car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

The Criminal Laws subcommittee passed the first bill which would create a minimum sentence of three years for a drunk driver who injures an innocent person.

"If people don't realize there are consequences of these actions, this is just another step to remind them of that," said Richard Michaux, who supports the bill.

The second house bill would make all drunk drivers use an ignition interlock device on their cars that would keep their car from starting if they've had too much to drink.

"I think it's a great thing. It sort of forces drivers to be compliant and it protects the rest of us," said Michaux.

Delegate Rob Bell (R - 58) proposed the bills. He said in a written statement, "this is a good way to make sure we don't have repeat offenders driving drunk on our roads."

The third house bill would put a mandatory minimum sentence on anyone convicted of dealing drugs other than marijuana, doubling the current minimum sentence for some repeat offenders.

"People are putting other people's lives in danger and I think it's a smart way to go," said another supporter, Vince Saguto.

The three bills still have a way to become law, as they're being considered by committee.

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