Richmond Police crack abduction case

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Five men are behind bars, charged with abduction and stabbing a 21-year-old earlier this month.

Marvin Coreas-Deleon, Mario Molina, Jose Bran, Justin Amador, and Giovanny Torres are all charged with felony abduction and assault.

Police say the suspects took a man from Jefferson Davis Highway, stabbed him, and left him for dead on the 3800 block of Terminal Avenue. The location is isolated, on a dead end, and difficult to get to. He was stabbed 4-7 times, on his torso, back, neck, and abdomen.

A woman who lives in a home on that street says he was able to get to her home and ask for help. She called 911.

"This is especially violent in the sense that the victim could have very easily died," said Cpt. Emmett Williams with the Richmond Police Department.

Police say these five men abducted the victim near Jefferson Davis Highway and Terminal Avenue and stabbed him on the way to Terminal Avenue where the left him.

"It's something that we don't see very often," said Williams. "Where you have multiple suspects abduct a victim, stab him where one or two or more people were involved in the stabbing and then dump the victim with the explicit intent that they would die."

Police say it was a retaliation crime over a woman and that the victim knew his attackers. Police won't say whether the five were in a gang, but confirm a special gang task force helped with the investigation and a prosecutor who works closely with police on gang related crimes is handling the case.

"This was a very serious thing," said Williams. "We were happy to get everyone involved, get them arrested, get them of the street."

The victim is still in the hospital, in stable condition.

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