Mechanicsville deaths ruled murder-suicide

Caroline R. King (left) and Madison R. King (right)
Caroline R. King (left) and Madison R. King (right)

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Caroline and Madison King died inside their Mechanicsville home on Saturday. Late Monday afternoon, the medical examiner said they died from a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning, and their throats were cut. Investigators confirm that this is a case of murder-suicide -- the girls died at their father's hands.

The twins' mother, Kristina Hooper, recently separated from her ex-husband and was in a custody battle for the twin girls.  She says she went to check on the girls Saturday only to find all three dead inside the home.

This is a picture taken of the King twins during their first year of preschool this year. Caroline is on the left, Madison on the right. The two girls were found dead with their father Rob inside their home on Wynbrook Lane Saturday.

"I can't even believe this is real and that anyone would do something like that because they were happy and beautiful and they were not given their chance," said Kristina.

Kristina says she knew something was wrong when Rob King's cell phone kept going to voicemail.  She says she went to the home check on the girls.

"The carbon monoxide detector was going off and I went in and found all three of them," she said.

A search warrant of the home obtained by NBC12 says Kristina was on her knees crying in the driveway when deputies arrived. She was shouting, "My babies are dead. They're in the house."

Court records also reveal flexible duct tubing was running from exhaust pipe of the van parked in the driveway into the home. Investigators say Rob King channeled the exhaust into the house, which caused a lethal amount of carbon monoxide to collect inside.

"Those girls were murdered...and he did an incredibly selfish thing," Kristina said.

The search warrant says the twins were cold to the touch by the time their mother arrived.

A teddy bear and some flowers sit in each swing in front of the home. Neighbors say the twins' father used to push his girls on these swings for hours.

The twins' mother says they were miracle babies. They were both born prematurely and only weighed only two pounds. There's a vigil planned for the twins Tuesday night. It's scheduled to start at 6:30 Tuesday at the home at 7986 Wynbrook Lane in Mechanicsville.

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