Education Editorial: Tim Tebow Bills

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia General Assembly is busy reviewing, revising, …and in some instances, rejecting legislation. The success of a bill is, in part, marketing. While you might think that it's public policy analysis, in reality it is taking an idea and attaching it to a brand.

Homeschooling advocates are no exception. House members have introduced a trilogy of "Tebow Bills". Heisman Trophy winner, Denver Bronco quarterback, and "homeschooler", Tim Tebow has become the marketing vehicle for those who want home schooled young people to be eligible to participate in public school athletics.

Del Rob Bell of Albemarle is quoted as saying, "These people pay taxes that support their public schools. You can't just shut them out…"

As a public administrator who advocated home schooling and school choice legislation, I am concerned about the proposal. While Superintendent of Schools, we had the first policy that permitted private and home school young people to attend public schools "part time". They could take up to three courses in the basic areas: English, math, science and history. If athletics today, why not Junior Academy projects or homecoming queens tomorrow?

High school athletics are a function of the public or private schools to which they are attached…no matter who pays. There is also the issue of recruitment. As a coach, I may love to have Tebow, but as Del Tata notes, high school athletics has never been a free agency system.

As for priorities, home school families should fight first for access to algebra and chemistry…not football and soccer. The General Assembly should "take a knee" on this one!

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