More home break-ins in the West End

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - There's been another wave of home break-ins in the West End. This time burglars targeted several townhomes in Tuckahoe.

Henrico Police say there's been a dramatic increase in home break-ins since the holidays.

Investigators don't believe the same people are responsible for all of these break-ins, but the M.O. is similar in many of these cases.

Mayank Missra's home was empty for several weeks while he went on vacation with his family. His holiday ended with a thud when he heard from one of his neighbors.

"All of a sudden I hear this news that your home has been broken into and somebody came in," Missra said. "The cops tell me it looks like they were looking for cash, jewelry, they have rummaged your garage."

He came back home to find a splintered door frame where someone broke into his home. Nearly a thousand dollars in cash and several valuable silver Hindu worship coins are now gone.

"They knew that there was absolutely nothing to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to do," he said.

Another townhome in the Meredith Creek development off Springfield Road near Gaskins was targeted a few days after Missra was burglarized.

All of these break-ins follow a similar pattern - burglars target homes in the daytime when many people are away at work. These burglars are looking for money, jewelry or anything else of value they can get their hands on.

"It was like pretty scary," Missra said. "This community has been very safe but recently with these two break-ins very closely spaced together, I don't feel that secure anymore."

Two people were arrested earlier this month in connection with several recent break-ins. But police say not all of these incidents are related.

If you have any information that could help investigators, you're asked to call Henrico Police at 501-5000.

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