ADHD seminar offers resources for parents

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a big concern among parents and educators.

Health professionals offered several tips and techniques to parents including books and other resources as they raise their children with ADHD.

Kimberly Boose has two boys with ADHD. She says the advice she's learned has already made a difference at home, and knowing other parents share her struggle is a huge comfort.

"It's so wonderful because they are days you cry and feel alone," said Boose. "I come to these meetings and feel that I'm not alone. We can learn from each other, and it's fabulous."

Chesterfield County teamed up with the school system to help parents. One incentive includes encouraging certain patterns and rewarding kids for good behavior like getting to school on time.

"Or something that I like to call the grab that when you can get out of the house on time you get to choose something from that bag," said Mental Health Prevention Services Specialist, Sherry Callear.

Some advice Boose has learned from these principles, like being more specific in her discipline methods, has made a huge difference.

"We have to break things down," Boose added. "It's all about routine, routine. It makes it easier for them."

It also creates a better living environment. Roughly seven percent of children ages two to 17 years old are diagnosed with ADHD according to a national health survey. It's a number Chesterfield health specialists say seems very low.

"I believe it's more identified now than it used to be," said Callear. "The need may not be more now but it's more identified and more easily diagnosed."

As more children are diagnosed and treated, parents say getting involved is the key.

"It's the biggest component," Boose noted. "It's the only way to survive. It's all about having prevention services, talking to teachers, and coming together as one.

For a free consultation, parents can call Chesterfield Mental Health Prevention services at: 804-768-7800.

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