Man finds unknown student loans on credit

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 12 On Your Side got answers for a man whose credit report seemed to show a thief stealing his identity -- and going to college on his dime!

$52,000 in student loans somehow became a part of Jarry Wilson's credit profile. I was able  to get two agencies working to fix the mixup.

Jarry Wilson had taken a damaging hit when I met him. The credit blunder blocked him from buying a home. His banker discovered the high debt when she pulled his credit report.

"This can crush your dreams or any hope. It can mess up your job," Jarry said.

Student loans totaling $52,000 in various amounts, $12,000, $7,000, $6,000 loans. His credit report shows the loans are current but Jarry says, he's not the one making payments.

"There's a lot of perpetrators out there don't mind taking your information. They will take your information. If it can benefit them, they will do it," he said.

I got the following response from one of the credit reporting agencies as a result of my investigation. Experian says Jarry's file got mixed with someone else's. Incorrect information showed up on Jarry's credit history. Experian says it deleted 6 student loans and updated the other person's profile.

I also heard back from one of the loan providers. Fraud is a possibility.

A PR representative for "A.E.S." says they have a loan record that matches up with Jarry but, they can't definitively say what's going on. They turned it over to their fraud investigators.

Here's the takeaway for Jarry. "Don't just get the score. Get the credit report. Know what's on your credit."

Experian placed a special indicator on Jarry's file to keep the mixup from happening again. He shares something similar, a name or social security number, with another person. Now, it's up to Jarry to dispute his credit report with Equifax and Trans Union and the other loan providers.

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